Le Bombarde Beach

spiaggia le bombarde alghero
Le Bombarde beach is a very popular beach of Alghero. Located less than five kilometers of Inghirios, Le Bombarde beach boasts golden sands, volcanic rocks, clear and refreshing blue waters, a dense forest with maritime pines, eucalyptus, and other typically Mediterranean varieties.The biggest part of Spiaggia delle Bombarde is publicly accessible. Le Bombarde beach has two parking areas (suitable for campers), and can also be reached by a shuttle bus service. There are several restaurants and bars in the area to quench your thirst during the hottest hours. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. This beach also tends to get crowded in high season. Le Bombarde is ideal for families with children, who will certainly enjoy playing at the water’s edge.

Maria Pia Beach

Just a few kilometers of Inghirios, you’ll discover Maria Pia beach. Together with Le Bombarde, this beach is one of the best beaches near Alghero. It is 1200 meters long and faces south-west, featuring excellent views of the small settlement of Fertilia, the Alghero bay and the tiny Isola della Maddalenetta situated 1.5 kilometers off the coast. Maria Pia is backed by beautiful dunes and a cooling pine forest that can give you some shade during the hottest hours of the day. The water is really beautiful and clear, the sand is clean and white, without too many rocks. Maria Pia is a great spot for walking or jogging along the shore. The waters at Maria Pia are shallow at first and get deeper gradually, so it’s a good beach for families with children. Plenty of sun loungers are available for rent, and there are several snack bars selling drinks and icecream dotted along the beach. The beach is also easily accessible with wheelchairs, it has a wooden pathway. The parking space is close to the beach.
spiaggia maria pia alghero

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Mugoni Beach

spiaggia di mugoni alghero
Mugoni is one of the main attractions of the Coral Riviera just seven kilometres from Inghirios. A two kilometre stretch of sand graced with hues of ochre and orange framed by a stand of pine and eucalyptus trees that offer refreshing shade faces a very calm emerald blue sea where the wind only rarely blows. It’s a scene wherein the beach, nature and the sea blend seamlessly together to create a tropical paradise of uncommon beauty. The beach is one of many coves along Porto Conte bay, inside the confines of the regional park of the same name. It’s a very popular area with plenty of bathing establishments, boat rentals, dive centres, snack bars, restaurants, plenty of parking (also for campers) and a camp grounds. Not only, but it is accessible to the handicapped and perfect for families with children, for wind and wave surfers.

Porto Ferro Beach

Located 11 kilometers of Inghirios, you can find Porto Ferro Beach, one of the best beaches in north-west Sardinia. Separated by towering dunes and silent pine forests, they form yet another side to an already fascinating ecosystem which are further reasons as to why this bay and beach are such sought after destinations in Sassari. Porto Ferro Beach faces west and features two kilometers of golden sand and some ancient towers which certainly add to the charm of the area. However, the majesty of these towers should not overshadow what is an incredibly beautiful beach and surrounding area. As you might expect in Sardinia, the sands are extremely fine with a nice touch of yellowish red sand which gives it the breathtaking hue which gave the beach its name. Along with these inviting sands, the beach is also surrounded by rocks and with a backdrop of stunning mountains which reflect this region at its best. You can enjoy surfing and windsurfing at Porto Ferro Beach or just lie back and absorb the stunning vistas.

Close to Porto Ferro Beach you can find one of the equestrians sport's most active riding centres of Alghero: Tre Stelle Sa Mandra. Situated by the enterance to the beach of Porto Ferro, the prefered place for horse riding excursions. It's right next to lago baratz, the only natural lake on the island. This is where you arrive after having ridden across the spectacular panoramic sand dunes of Porto Ferro. Always surrounded by the beautiful and unique macchia meditterranea (meditteranian flora). All these are just some of the stunning features native to this part of the island. It has to be said that the best way to experience this islands captivating scents, fragrences and colours is by horseback.
spiaggia di porto ferro alghero

Porticciolo Beach

spiaggia torre del porticciolo alghero
It is located inside of a magnificent bay and dominated by an Aragonese tower from which it is possible to admire a wonderful landscape. It is characterized by a golden beach and surrounded by aromatic plants and Mediterranean scrub, that create a romantic atmosphere. A part of the beach is property of a camping village nearby.

Lazzaretto Beach

Located less than five kilometers of Inghirios, The Lazzaretto Beach owes its name to the tower that dominates the bay. It is framed by sandstone rocks and a verdant area that separates it from the Bombarde Beach. The large beach, has fine grains of light-coloured sand and is lapped by a sea painted with a thousand shades of blue. Numerous tourists are attracted here every year by its beauty and the beach has a number of facilities to make their stay here all the more enjoyable.
lazzareto beach

Lido of San Giovanni

Very close to the town center of Alghero (11 km from Inghirios), you can get to it on foot with a backpack and beach towel: the pleasant walk along the “Passejada Barcelona” promenade will take you to a stretch of soft, golden sand that gently enters the shallow, clear waters of the emerald green, turquoise and blue sea. The Lido of San Giovanni, Alghero’s beach, is one of the most popular and famous tourist centres in Sardinia.

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